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What would you do
if your customers
began to leave you?

Clarity... That's what U want. And that's what you'll get every time you work with the principals at Michael Harris Group. Clarity about your customers' intentions and their propensity to stay with you. Clarity about your decision-making. Clarity to drive your leadership and sustain your market position. Business intelligence that illuminates your path...

That's what you get from MHG.
Clarity to make good choices and execute consistently well. We thrive on delivering clarity. Because you need it to deliver success.

Clarity comes from asking powerful questions. At MHG, we are known for our questions. We’re in the discovery business. The thought-provoking questions we seek to answer will help solve the unsolvable.

Often clients will consider problems they haven’t solved as endemic to their industry, or part of the status quo of doing business. We pride ourselves on listening for answers that yield compelling solutions to their problems. These solutions have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenues and operating cost savings.
Welcome to our site! You’ll find lots of value here. Explore the case studies to see real world client results. Take our growth audit to test your organization’s readiness for a collaborative engagement. Participate in our lively blog. And click here to visit our tools page to learn how your business can discover:
  • Deeper market understanding
  • Better decision-making
  • Improved market positions
  • Increases in customers and revenues
  • More valuable customer relationships
  • Fully-engaged employees
  • More consistent sustainable growth
  • Higher profits
  • A more emotionally connected brand
  • More loyal clients
  • Greater talent and leadership among your employees and Market Leadership

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