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Southwest Network

In 2001, a new nonprofit business was born in Maricopa County, responding to the need for better health care delivery and oversight of the hundreds of providers of mental health services for the community. Southwest Network became one of four Provider Network Organizations, which brought a consistency of care and ensured all eligible persons in need received the best opportunity for recovery. As the most prominent PNO, Southwest Network connects more than 30 providers in its comprehensive pool of behavioral health agencies.

As a leader of marketing services for nonprofit health organizations, MHG was called upon to help create communication documents to reach out to the many constituents the PNO served, including referral sources such as hospitals or private psychiatrists, the media, funding sources, the public at-large, and service recipients and their families. After helping the team understand their marketable services and why branding was essential, MHG was retained to help Southwest Network build a brand that would emotionally connect them to their publics.

We interviewed key staff, customers, and providers to learn what set apart this PNO from others. Complementing the effort with recent secondary sources of research, MHG delivered a brand analysis, the approval of which led to the development of a business identity system. The organization selected logos, typeface, letterhead, business cards and other formal communication devices created by MHG’s design team, and chose accompanying tag line and brand messages from our copywriting team. This fun process led to the commissioning of two communication pieces, both in English and Spanish language, with the central target focus being people in need of services who also needed the reassurance that the approach taken would respect their many wishes and address their concerns.

Next, Southwest Network commissioned an annual report, to spotlight the organization’s successes and milestones, and to spotlight attention on the main providers of service under the network’s umbrella. All of these documents received much acclaim from the people using the services of the providers within the network, and especially from the communities in which Spanish is the first language of communication.

Finally, Southwest Network asked MHG to provide ongoing and specialized Public Relations to deliver crisis communications and media protection. This offering is especially critical for large nonprofit organizations, and ensures that company spokespersons offer appropriate assistance during incidents involving the company’s clinics, while respecting the specialized HIPAA regulations with full compliance.


  • A lasting brand was established and leveraged, including a memorable logo, typeface, tag line and brand messages that truly resonate with the community.

  • Key communication pieces deliver simple and effective messages to the many communities service by the PNO and its provider pool. Spanish versions make the process exceptionally easy.

  • An annual report showcases the company’s successes and helps bring in more funding.
Ongoing crisis communications, media coaching and PR ensure the network’s image is intact.


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