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Southwest Behavioral Health Services, Inc.

Constructed a business development guide helping senior management mine, identify, and analyze revenue opportunities for strategic growth for this largest nonprofit behavioral health provider in the Southwest. Facilitated intelligence gathering for several opportunities, helping shape proposals and improve presentations and materials to new prospects, ultimately yielding successful closes of substantial gains, and saving the organization thousands of dollars in unproductive use of executive crisis management.

Further business development strategic plans have cultivated new behavioral health contracts for prevention services, outpatient services for adults, kids and families, and community integration services for the homeless and indigent populations. Built a referral engine, targeting 5000 Maricopa County-based private psychiatrists and therapists, and marketed the company’s Employee Assistance Program to corporations.

Facilitated mission and core value redevelopment at the highest ranks of the firm. Spring boarded this process with Vision construction facilitation, allowing the company leaders to listen to their constituents and carve a future which inspired them to grow dramatically.

Facilitated the company’s business identity and branding, using a brand identity process to understand emotional connections SBH enjoys with members of the communities it has served for 40 years. This process yielded a highly visible logo and memorable tagline: Seeking Solutions, Creating Change.

Conceived, created and constructed several marketing communication pieces and the company’s annual reports since their inception (the ninth is under development now). Cultivated long-term relationships with funding sources for public and private diversification of revenues. SBH has grown from $8.5M to $30+M in revenues and nearly triple the staff as a result of twelve years of consulting.

Leadership Development and Confidential Performance Coaching for nearly 100 top executives at the company helped the company culture to identify its many strengths with which to build upon and surmount its many challenges. The individual coaching sessions have been identified by most mentees as being the most valuable and transformative process of their entire careers. Many of these vocal supporters have been with the company in excess of 20 years.

Employee Engagement Studies have been used for 5 years, with key factors cited as needing change or attention in the reports of findings to the Executive Team. The sophisticated tools used to discover these and the confidential manner in which employees have come to feel safe sharing candid information have become mainstays in a process which typically generates nearly 80% response rates.

Public Relations and Crisis Communications have provided Southwest Behavioral Health with more than 350 local, regional and national/international press appearances of significant size. The company has also benefitted from media coaching, spokesperson training, and a series of awards of size for its many great people and their tireless commitment to those they serve.


  • 2010 saw the highest production of public relations to date in a given year: 137 features
  • The company has grown its ranks commensurate with its rate of growth in services
  • The company is in a position of relative strength despite a difficult recessionary climate
  • The brand is known nationally for its innovative, dedicated and highly principled leadership

4450 N. 12th Street   |  Suite 264   |   Phoenix, AZ 85014