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Peter Lendrum Architecture, Ltd

Peter Lendrum was Phoenix’s most prolific and flamboyant architect and city planner between 1965 and 1990. He created the city’s largest architectural practice, with over 200 employees. He literally transformed the land in the expanding metropolitan area, as head of the Phoenix Planning Commission, the agency responsible for planning large swaths of land for public, residential and commercial use.

Mismanagement and a rapidly demoralized work force, accompanied by the real estate bust of the late 1980’s, put the firm into bankruptcy. Lendrum worked to regain his status with fewer than 15 lesser-skilled employees. His reputation among clients remained strong, but many burnt bridges kept him from retaining good talent, and this prevented him from acquiring new work and new clientele.

MHG was referred to Peter Lendrum from principals at other prominent architectural firms, where marketing and business development efforts produced substantial amounts of work from new clients. Lendrum hired MHG immediately, asking for a better message and new work.  

Focusing on the core competency of master planning, MHG quickly qualified several development opportunities. Formal interviews of past clients to determined the highest value from Lendrum’s work product. A prominent statement of differentiation emerged: Peter Lendrum Architecture helps clients realize their dreams by master planning each project with a vision for the future.

Within the first two months of business development, MHG developed an incredible new client with business that would float Lendrum’s offices with large revenue streams for many years to come. We matched the solutions of Peter Lendrum Architecture to John F. Long Properties, Inc.

John F. Long had built over 40,000 small, affordable homes on the west side of Phoenix over his 45+ year career, but for years had fielded many homeowner complaints that they had to travel 20 miles into the inner city for their jobs. Long owned several large swaths of land that he planned to bequeath to his sons in his will. I convinced Long to develop one, especially huge parcel: 800 acres on the western edge of Phoenix, envisioned to become a commerce center including over 125 corporate, retail, healthcare, and mixed-use structures. The site was ideal, connected by adjacent entry into the new 101 freeway.

This project required the skills of the finest master planner available. MHG gave John F. Long Properties’ principals three compelling presentations spotlighting how Lendrum would ensure their ultimate success by attracting the public with parks and nature, making the site a destination, not just a commerce sector. Convinced of a precise match, John F. Long Properties retained Lendrum for an initial five-year contract. As the relationship further developed, Long Properties awarded us another project: 1500 acres of industrial/ office park, complete with riparian habitat. These continue to provide considerable and abundant revenue sources to the architectural firm.


  • New clients, exciting projects, and huge revenue streams – more than $30 million in fees over 9 years.
  • Clear, powerful message of differentiation, well-branded and emotionally connected.


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