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LEADS (Land Entitlement And Development Services)

This site selection company in downtown Phoenix helped mostly retail companies find new locations and perform the myriad due diligence necessary to select the most promising site. Its founders spoke of many discoveries for clients, finding something that made a site unpalatable well before being acquired. Marketing and business development eluded them; while they enjoyed a healthy stream of projects, it came from two main customers. When one of these suddenly halted their expansion plans, they became quite concerned for their financial survival.

LEADS hired MHG to perform business development services, finding, engaging, and cultivating relationships with new, promising retail and multi-facility organizations in an expansion or growth mode. The business development centered on businesses which had a reputation for complex projects and challenging standards, so that LEADS would become a preferred vendor.

MHG forged new relationships on behalf of LEADS with Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, Circuit City, and many other big box retailers. Additionally, charter schools were targeted, along with medical clinics and fast food restaurants. One in particular had been trying to establish locations in Arizona from its sole home state base of operations, throughout California: In N Out Burgers.

Upon learning that the head of site development for the company would be at Arizona’s first grand opening for the restaurant chain, I went to seek him out. The connections and relationship-building that followed gave LEADS the opportunity to perform land entitlement and due diligence services as lead vendor in Arizona, with up to 15 stores forecasted. Each successful roll-out cemented the relationship and demonstrated the high degree of service success LEADS provided.

To bolster the credibility of LEADS during the business development, the company entrusted MHG to create a simple communications device which would ensure current customers and warm prospects would know of successes as they occur. MHG conceived a series of eight postcards which told LEADS’ constituents of a grand opening of a new store and congratulated the client on a job well done. The postcard images featured many images of birth: flowers coming out of the ground, a chick hatching, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, etc. MHG created a compelling ad in a highly visible trade magazine read by all the prospective customers in their target market. The ad showed an undeveloped land parcel with the title: “What Do You See?” On the bottom it said, “We see a profitable store with the right traffic patterns and customer capture for years to come.”

  • Captured several projects from In-N-Out Burgers
  • Built solid relationships with several national retailers, banks, schools, and others
  • Engaged Target and Home Depot in the preferred vendor effort through their best practices guides for best site development, known as the standard of development throughout the industry. Very few vendors are ever authorized to participate
  • Developed the LEADS brand by differentiating the service and discovery expertise. This positioning ultimately led to the highly successful acquisition of LEADS in 2007

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