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Langdon-Wilson Architecture

A year-long process of mission and vision facilitation, combined with strategic planning and practice development, helped this group of 35 professionals realize true opportunities to leverage their core competencies in public works to other markets with similar needs. Personal interviews with all employees yielded no fewer than 15 target markets to penetrate.
The group facilitation helped the team come to consensus on which 5 held the most promise and which 3 would become the focal point to the Phoenix office’s strategic marketing plan. The execution of this plan included MHG business development, resulting in many new opportunities in hospitality, over $500M in construction budget for Native American infrastructure and economic development buildings, and a commercial office space. More importantly, it helped competing ideologies fuse differences and set an agenda for growth everyone in the firm embraced.

  • $500 million in new project construction costs, yielding over $50 million in new fees for the firm over 20 years
  • Positioned Langdon-Wilson to offer high end public works offerings to customers that understood the firm’s unique ability to translate cultural heritage into the design of structures and spaces:
    • Exclusive resorts
    • Native American economic development and infrastructure
    • Foundations and other prestigious nonprofit organizations
  • A 5-year Vision which would set the stage for a strategic plan implementation, effectively rebranding the 30-year old firm and branching out to related marketplaces

4450 N. 12th Street   |  Suite 264   |   Phoenix, AZ 85014