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Enterprise Network      

This premier executive networking association was founded in 1985 as a crucible in which new growth companies and fledging entrepreneurs would present a business plan to attendees with the expectation of constructive feedback and help. In the mid-90’s, the non-membership organization found itself mired in a marketplace where new networking organizations diluted the participation of attendees.
MHG facilitated board decisions about strategic positioning, so that the organization could effectively differentiate itself, and leveraged executive mentorship to grow the ranks of its ambassadors and market voice. We then reinvigorated Enterprise Network’s event publicity and public relations to grow participation and engagement beyond its former levels of success.
After interviews of 60+ past and current attendees revealed the most important benefit they derived from the group – stories of successful entrepreneurs who’d overcome incredible odds – we created a monthly newsletter, featuring an in-depth, short interview with an upcoming keynote speaker who was a company founder or CEO. The interview cited the reasons for the keynote coming up in that month’s event, showcasing that company’s successes and also some challenges, implying that attendees would learn how those were overcome. I conducted the interviews myself, helping the speaker prepare the keynote, and had my team contribute to the outreach protocols so that the newsletter hit decision-makers with precisely the amount of time needed to commit to the event.


  • More than 6 dozen newsletters built regular and first-time attendance to record levels, including some events with more than 400 attendees
  • Integrated with PR, meeting announcements, and communications strategies to ensure the organization always had a significant following
  • Stories often were picked up in the local business press, giving presenters the added-value of improved reputation on the backs of the highly reputable Enterprise Network
  • With its differentiation still intact, the organization thrives today



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