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“Michael Harris helped us define who our perfect clients are, then proceeded to find those perfect clients. He was resourceful and brought value to us quickly. Through his engagement we will realize a 200% ROI in the first year.”

AIM Enterprises

AIM Enterprises is a medical billing company which learned how to maximize receipts from medical diagnoses and procedures, typically on behalf of profusionists who operated equipment in hospital operating rooms. When a patient came in for surgery, physicians and hospitals contracted with these specialists to keep the patient’s blood circulating and away from the area of surgery.

These profusionists could bill the hospital at specific rates for the procedure as well as the disposable, high-end filters and containers, known as cannulas. AIM discovered different ways to bill for the equipment and procedures that would produce greater reimbursement revenues.

For years, AIM Enterprises performed this billing service for a strategically connected profusionist group, and only expanded its client complement to a few additional medical businesses, some of whom went defunct.

In 2007, MHG was hired for Business Development to bring new billing clients to AIM, relying upon MHG’s unique 12-Step, 3-Phase Proven Business Development Process. The first phase of this process enabled AIM to understand its place in the market, while positioning its staff and resources for expansion. The second phase began to locate and qualify prospects in the local marketplace where AIM Enterprises could compete. During the third and final phase, MHG performed high-level business development to cultivate these prospects and turn them into viable clientele.


  • AIM Enterprises CEO, Mike Cylkowski, shares how MHG contributed to their market differentiation:
  • AIM’s core competency of better reimbursement for lower cost garnered 3 new substantial clients with MHG’s Business Development Process, increasing revenues by more than 40% overall.
  • MHG also helped shape proposal and presentation material for other profusionist groups of much larger size in different geographical areas so as not to compete with the Phoenix market. While these prospects were identified by the CEO, MHG’s processes were used to court and eventually close these prospects, while positioning the company for a successful acquisition in August, 2010.

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